Global Private Equity Funds

Northleaf's global private equity program provides investors with exposure to value creation occurring outside the public markets.

Experienced private equity investors have demonstrated an ability to outperform the public markets by providing hands-on expertise focused on driving operational value creation at the company level.  Direct ownership and active, expert board participation allow private equity investors to facilitate real change, including:

  • Pursuing value-added M&A opportunities, growth initiatives and process improvements
  • Resolving succession or other management/governance issues
  • Providing financing for capital investment, organic growth or industry consolidation
  • Focusing energy and attention of entire organization on business building and shareholder value creation

Private ownership fosters important advantages for companies and shareholders, including:

  • Close alignment of management and shareholder interests
  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Active involvement of professional board members with industry and company building expertise
  • Entrepreneurial culture

Northleaf's long-term program of global private equity investing focuses on attractive niche segments, primarily middle-market and growth-oriented funds managed by top-tier private equity fund managers, opportunistic transactions in the private equity secondary market, and select direct co-investments in operating companies. Northleaf leverages its integrated global team, proactive sourcing, differentiated platform and active portfolio construction to produce attractive long-term returns for its investors across multiple market cycles.

Northleaf Global Private Equity Program

Northleaf currently manages seven global private equity funds. NPE I-VI are fully committed. NPE VII (2017) has commenced its investment period.

Northleaf also manages a number of custom private equity mandates on behalf of institutional investors.